About Focus Escrow Services

Independent Escrow: Better Protection & Higher Standards

Focus Escrow is an independent escrow company which means we are not affiliated with the Title Company, lender or broker. We are bounded by high ethics in protecting interests of our clients. We remain impartial throughout the entire escrow process and ensure that everything has been completed.

Independent escrow companies are different than the escrow departments of brokers, banks, saving & loan institutions and title insurance companies because they are regulated by a variety of supervising agencies and have varied regulations.

One fact does remain: All independent escrow companies in California are licensed by the Department of Corporations and follow the strictest regulations. The liability is taken on by the independent escrow company to conform to all regulations set forth by the Department of Corporations.

Independent escrow companies are bonded an insured by the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation which provides coverage for member trust accounts in the amount of $5 million. The fidelity bond ensures that in the event of loss, either by incompetence or theft, the consumers’ funds are protected.

The bottom line is that independently licensed escrow companies are highly regulated companies which adhere to the strictest regulations set forth by the Department of Corporations, including, bonding, manager requirements, regular operational audits, annual CPA audit, insured trust funds, net worth requirements, financial liquidity requirements and Department of Justice investigations of ALL employees.

When searching for an escrow company yourself, or looking for one to recommend to a client, an independently licensed escrow company gives you the peace of mind you need.

Why Choose An Independent Escrow Company?

In the State of California escrow companies are utilized by both mortgage brokers and real estate agents alike. This is a key process in any real estate transaction as an escrow is defined as a “neutral third party”!

Buyers, sellers and borrowers will often times place their faith in the broker to determine where escrow shall be opened. This is a crucial as the primary responsibility of the escrow holder is to ensure that all the instructions are executed as agreed by both parties. The consumers’ interests, as well as the brokers interest is at stake when choosing an escrow company.